Prof. Dušan Krokavec

Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Technical University of Košice,
Košice, Slovak Republic

Title of the paper: Ostensible Positive Dynamical Linear Uncertain Systems: Properly Set Goals, LMI Synthesis, Constraints and Quadratic Stability

Abstract: In this talk, a review of recent studies on ostensible positive uncertain dynamical systems is presented, focusing on some foundational results for control design condition settings, reflecting composed system state matrix representation, diagonal stabilization principle, non-negative parametric constraints, and quadratic stability. A view of the above topic for a class of uncertain ostensible positive systems, with the specific objective of the roles the element-wise non-negative parameter bounds will be presented, to illustrate how to solve the interval observer design problem for given complexity of the interval matrix parameter structures. Finally, some specific examples will show the interest of the results in suitable application domains, with discussion of future challenges.

Bio: Dušan Krokavec received his M.Sc. degree in automatic control and his Ph.D. degree in technical cybernetics from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1967 and 1982, respectively. After stint at VUMA research institute (Nové Mesto n/Váhom, Slovakia) he joined the Technical University of Košice (TUKE, FEI), Slovakia in 1971, receiving a full professorial title in automation and control in 1999. Remained on the faculty there until his retirement at the end of 2015, he was designated an emeritus faculty at this point. He has been studying control theory for complex system design and its transdisciplinary applications in science and technology from the viewpoint of dynamic system fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control. His main research interests are in stochastic processes, Kalman filtering and stochastic teams, fault detection of dynamic systems using models and data-driven approaches, synthesis of control over networks, as well as multi-agent system control. He is a pioneer in the field of methods of analysis and synthesis of linear positive systems with Metzler dynamics, based on linear matrix inequalities. He authored or co-authored more than 200 research papers in archival journals, book chapters, and international conference proceedings. Prof. Krokavec is the members of the IFAC Technical Committee TC 1.4 Stochastic Systems and the IFAC Technical Committee TC 6.4 Fault Detection, Supervision & Safety of Technical Processes - SAFEPROCESS.

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